Name change: The Minneapolis Catholic Worker

The Rye House has a new name!  We now call ourselves the Minneapolis Catholic Worker, in order to reflect more clearly the people and ideas that make up our community.  The Rye House is still the Rye House, and does all that it has always done.  The new name connects us to the greater Catholic Worker community, its people, projects, and support.  Furthermore, the new name enables us to add another house, which is our hope for the near future, give it a name, and create a two-house Catholic Worker community in Minneapolis.  ryehouse-banner3.jpg


On September 24th and 25th Minneapolis hosted the inaugural Frac Sands Conference. About sixty concerned people from the Twin Cities and the Driftless Region attended a protest and rally, planned by the Rye House, outside of the conference.  Folks came to protest frac sand mining and to try to dialouge with representatives from the frac sand mining industry.  There were banner drops in the conference space, speeches, songs, chants, street theater, and finally a march into the conference space as conference attendees were having their cocktail hour.  The following are photos from the event.


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humility is not not-loving yourself.


its not knowing, its knowing by unknowing


to breath paradox


it’s to love your unique self, and to shed your ego to the collective self, for a moment


to fade into the un-seeable stuff of the infinite, the forever moving dust that shapes all.


to break and cave into God


by Joe Kruse