Jury’s in: Erica & Joe are NOT GUILTY!

Erica, Tim, and Joe

After three days of trial this week in the first round of Twins Opener action hearings, Erica and Joe were found not guilty!

We feel such gratitude for the humble support and expertise of Tim Phillips, the lawyer who graciously represented Joe, Katie (who plead guilty in April), and Erica.

We at the Minneapolis Catholic Worker were delighted and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from so many friends this week!  We are looking forward to continuing that strong community support throughout the coming months as more folks come to the cities for trial.

New house!

On the steps of the new house, from back to front: Zach, Joe, Cina, Molly, Jie, Jared, Katie (holding Teddy), Nikki

The Minneapolis Catholic Worker community closed on a second house during the last days of 2016!  It is a lovely two bedroom house directly across the street from the Rye House, where Molly and Zach (and their dog, Birdie) will live and offer hospitality out of the second bedroom.

The name of the new house is still in the works, as is the vision for the projects that will happen there.  We are all looking forward to some long meetings in the winter months to imagine the possibilities that this close proximity and new space opens up for our community.

Seasons change brings other shifts

As winter truly settles over the Cities with its first thick blanket of snow, the Minneapolis Catholic Worker settles into a new season, as well.

Erica has moved out of the Rye House, but continues to be in community with us.  She is seeking a new living space for herself while she digs deeper into solidarity and activist work in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  While she didn’t move far from the Rye House, we will miss having her fresh energy, loving heart, and sharp critiques of the system in our house on the daily.

Mahmoud, once a guest and now a community member, has moved to St. Louis to pursue a new business endeavor!  His deep kindness, loyalty, and mischievous nature (all the pranks!) will be sorely missed.  We wish him well and hope to he visits often!

Ruth, one of the co-founding members of Rye House, has moved to Des Moines, IA.  After spending almost five years in the Rye House/Minneapolis Catholic Worker community, she is moving on to new adventures.


Home Improvement Projects!

It’s July, which means that the Rye House gardens are beginning to bloom.  The front yard is lush with all of the chard, kale, peas, herbs, squash and more.


Recently, however, one of our beautiful hand-painted window boxes broke, leaving the front windows looking a little sadly lopsided.  Ruthie and Katie, both excellent with power tools, took on the project of creating a new window box.


Below is the finished product, just waiting for a matching paint job and some plants!


Roundtable Discussion: Spirituality & Activism with Lena Gardner

Come join us for our next Roundtable Discussion with Lena Gardner as she speaks on the topics of Spirituality & Activism!


When:  Tuesday, July 14, 6:30-9:00 pm

Where: Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406

What:  Please bring a dish to share for the potluck between 6:30-7:30.  Program and conversation will go from 7:30-9:00pm.

Click here to visit the Facebook event page.



Summer 2015 Newsletter

What’s Inside This Issue…IMG_7338

“What’s Happening in Minneapolis” by Katie Yanike, page 1

Featured Article:  “Whites Fighting Racism: What it’s about” by Ricardo Levins Morales, page 3

“#BlackLivesMatter” by Dawn King, page 4

“The Chippewa River Water Walk” by Joe Kruse, page 5

Recipe: Nikki’s Power Cookies, page 6

“Healing Shame” by Ruth Cole, page 7

Support Us, page 8

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Name change: The Minneapolis Catholic Worker

The Rye House has a new name!  We now call ourselves the Minneapolis Catholic Worker, in order to reflect more clearly the people and ideas that make up our community.  The Rye House is still the Rye House, and does all that it has always done.  The new name connects us to the greater Catholic Worker community, its people, projects, and support.  Furthermore, the new name enables us to add another house, which is our hope for the near future, give it a name, and create a two-house Catholic Worker community in Minneapolis.  ryehouse-banner3.jpg