Seasons change brings other shifts

As winter truly settles over the Cities with its first thick blanket of snow, the Minneapolis Catholic Worker settles into a new season, as well.

Erica has moved out of the Rye House, but continues to be in community with us.  She is seeking a new living space for herself while she digs deeper into solidarity and activist work in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  While she didn’t move far from the Rye House, we will miss having her fresh energy, loving heart, and sharp critiques of the system in our house on the daily.

Mahmoud, once a guest and now a community member, has moved to St. Louis to pursue a new business endeavor!  His deep kindness, loyalty, and mischievous nature (all the pranks!) will be sorely missed.  We wish him well and hope to he visits often!

Ruth, one of the co-founding members of Rye House, has moved to Des Moines, IA.  After spending almost five years in the Rye House/Minneapolis Catholic Worker community, she is moving on to new adventures.