How it all began

In the summer of 2011 Seth, Ruth, and Joe (three of the four founding core community members) set out on a summer-long road trip. Inspired by past experiences with intentional communities and the Catholic Worker Movement, and fueled with the conviction that community is the answer to the many social problems of our time, they set out to visit and learn from communities throughout the country. As the traveled, they were so inspired by the deep love and conviction of the communities with whom they stayed that they agreed to start their own in Minneapolis upon their return in the Fall.

Founding community members Seth, Joe, Ruth, and Emily

Emily, another core community member, met up with the three others for a portion of the trip. She decided to join the community as well, and would meet the rest in Minneapolis. The group moved to Minneapolis in September 2011, and rented rooms from a dear friend until they were able to find a house of their own, which they eventually bought.  They called the house Rye House.