About Us

We are an intentional community and house of hospitality in South Minneapolis.  We are inspired by peace movements including the Civil Rights Movement, the Catholic Worker Movement, and the Food Justice Movement.  Most of all, we are motivated by good conversations shared over meals and humble, challenging love.

Our Mission is:

  • To dismantle isolating individualism within ourselves and within our community
  • To live simply and to resist the societal pressure to consume excessively
  • To live peaceful lives and promote non-violence by dismantling racism, classism, sexism, ageism and homophobia in our world
  • To be aware of our impact on the planet and to strive to meet our basic needs sustainably
  • To collaborate with and listen to our neighbors in meeting the needs of the greater community
  • To invite the skills, wisdom, personalities, and beliefs of all people to challenge and change the Rye House
  • To practice spirituality as a community and welcome other people’s truths
  • To strive to love unconditionally

Contact us:

email – theryehouse@gmail.com

phone – 302-729-3643

address – 2204 10th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55404