How we do money

All community members put a certain amount of money towards communal needs such as food, bike costs, mental health care, student loan debt and the house bills.  By sharing our money and resources, we hope to work against the capitalist system and support each other to be more whole.

The current MCW community members work in different capacities outside of the work we do in our house and community.  We all work different hours and have different commitments on our time and money.  However, we do try to commit to be present to each other and our home/community, which means that often we work less than 40 hours a week.

This gives us more time and energy to being present in our home and neighborhood, cooking food for our weekly neighborhood meal, growing, planning and preserving food from our garden and the Lake City Catholic Worker Farm, planning roundtable discussions, writing newsletters, and all the daily work of living communally.