The Rye House now

The Minneapolis Catholic Worker community is made up of two houses.  The Rye House is collectively owned by the community and, the second space is called, for the moment, Park House.

Nikki & Jared

Rye House

The community members who live at Rye House are Katie, Joe, Nikki and Jared. Currently, all six members of our core community are also couples (as pictured).

Joe & Katie




Park House

Zach and Molly live at Park House, along with their dog, Birdie.  This ‘house’ is a rented apartment, but the hope for the future is that Zach and Molly will buy a house in conjunction with the Minneapolis Catholic Worker and will host various projects (roundtables, the newsletter, website upkeep, etc.) from this space.

The second house in the Minneapolis Catholic Worker (MCW) reflects our growing and ever-changing community.  By creating a second house, we established a larger group of core community members who are deeply committed to the work and activity of the MCW/Rye House, but who live in a separate space.